SEO Myths that everyone have!


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1. SEO doesn’t work or is dead

One of the most popular myths that many people still believe is that SEO is dead.But it’s nothing more than a myth as search engines and algorithms is not going to vanish anytime soon. SEO is extremely important for brands that have their websites as SEO helps to increase the visibility and traffic to the website.

2.SEO is about ranking Number 1 on SERPs

SEO is not just about the ranking.A good and efficient SEO strategy should be to think how to increase traffic and engagement.This will not be achieved only by focusing on the website’s ranking in Search Engine Result Pages [SERPs].There is no denying the fact that being on the very first page of SERPs can result in a traffic increase but the goal should be not just to gain the Number 1 Spot.

For example, the results which are displayed on the top or on the first page of search results can lead to an increase in traffic of up to 20-30%, but 70% of them do not come from the first organic result. Thus, it’s the optimization of the content may lead to additional traffic to the website.

3.Link Building is Dead

It has been reported a lot of times that link building is dead.But actually, it’s not.Even today, search engines use link authority and anchor text signals heavily in their search ranking algorithms.

Link Building is a very popular practice.For a successful SEO, websites do need links in order to increase more traffic for the website.

4.Social Media does not affect SEO

As social media platforms or social traffic is not a ranking factor for Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s), people think and assume that it has nothing to do with SEO.

With the use of Social Media increasing day by day, there is no denying the fact that it helps to build an online presence and this help search engines with discovery.Sharing on social media platforms is increasing gradually that leads to the contribution of effective link building which in turn will result in increased traffic to the site.One can increase the visibility of the website by using Social Media platforms.

5.Image optimization is not necessary

Optimization is very necessary nowadays.Whenever a new content is added to a website, optimizing it is a must.Images are not easily noticed by search engines.For making images “Visible”, have a proper description must be added.

Using of Keywords, adding appealing titles and captions can be very helpful.A unique image always has a better chance to get noticed by search engines, compared to other images.Adding proper fields like image title, alt text and description add more chances of having images get noticed by search engines.

6.The more web pages you have, the better the ranking

As a part of a good SEO Strategy, Quantity should not be preferred over quality. There is no need to create any additional page or multiple pages just to increase the crawling from search engines.To increase a website’s visibility, Quality plays a very crucial factor.

So instead of creating pointless additional pages thinking it will improve the ranking, one must always focus on the Quality content rather than Quantity.

7.Only On-page SEO is sufficient

There is a myth that one only needs On Page Search Engine Optimization for the website.Even though the website is great, it has great meta title/description, images, engaging content, etc., it is still not enough.

Along with on page optimization, one needs to focus on several other areas like conversions,off-page search engine optimization as well as user experience.

Conversions: Conversions measure the number of potential visitors performing any specific action on the website.

Off-Page SEO: It refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in the search engine results page (SERPs). Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but it is not only that.Off-Page SEO is the use of keywords off your site.

User Experience: UX optimization is nothing more than focusing on the visitor. Everything we do in the sphere of web marketing has to have the visitor in mind.

8.Mobile Optimization is not necessary

Optimizing a website for a mobile device means the users will be able to see the website in a very proper manner as it will look on a laptop or a computer screen.It’s completely a myth that its not necessary because nowadays everyone uses mobile devices to access various websites and applications.

Google have said:

On average, people check their phones more than 150 times a day,  and more searches occur on mobile phones than computers. But if a potential customer is on a phone, and a site isn’t easy to use, they’re five times more likely to leave.To avoid losing out in these crucial moments, you need a site that loads quickly and is easy to use on mobile screens. The first step is seeing how your site is performing. We can help by scoring your site for mobile-friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed.

Uber’s New Service – UberHIRE

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After the launch of ‘Rentals’ last year by Ola Cabs, cab-hiring app Uber has launched “UberHIRE”.

It is basically a time-based offering which will have multiple stop-overs will allow the passengers to explore and travel around the city wherever they want because the cab will wait for them.

After a successful run in Kochi, “UberHIRE” is now active in 8 more cities including Pune, Vizag, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Chennai and New Delhi. Apurva Dalal, Head of Engineering, Uber India, said, “Addressing the commuting needs, UberHIRE is now helping Working Professionals, Senior citizens and especially tourists by letting them book the taxi service and use it for up to 12 hours a day.”


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The total fare of the trip will be calculated based on the distance and the duration of the trip.The customers can hold on the cab for a maximum duration of 12 hours.The Minimum fare ranges between Indian_Rupee_symbol449-649 for 2 hours and distance will be of 30 Km. After that, the passengers will be charged Indian_Rupee_symbol2 a minute and Indian_Rupee_symbol12 a kilometer. Cancellation and pricing may vary from city to city.

The service is only available for cash payment at present. After cash payment, the passengers will get an e-receipts. Apurva Dalal also said, “Our technology makes it possible for us to create specialized solutions that can help users have access to reliable transportation at affordable prices.”

Upcoming WhatsApp Features to watch out for!

Cross-platform instant messaging application WhatsApp is ready for yet another update with some of its upcoming features that will be launched soon in the Application.


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1.Live Location Tracker: The first feature would allow users to track their contacts in real time.The Live Location tracking will allow the members involves in a group chat to share their geolocation.Members will get an option to share their moving position for either 1,2 or 5 minutes.

There will be a ‘Show My Friends’ option that will show the live location to the person searching for someone’s location.The location’s duration may be for a few minutes or indefinitely.

2.Edit/Delete Sent Messages: This option is currently under test for the beta version of WhatsApp.Once launched, one will only be able to edit or delete the sent message only when it will be still unseen i.e. only when the recipient has not read the message.It will work by pressing and holding on the message.

The user will then be provided with the options of either deleting or editing the sent message.The edit option will help the user to make some changes in the message while the delete option will remove the message completely.


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Some other features that may come into use:

Watching a video while downloading:

This feature will let WhatsApp users watch a video while it’s downloading.The user, as soon as clicking on the Play Button, will be able to watch the video while it will be still in the Downloading Mode. 

Convert videos into GIF files:

This feature will let users convert short videos into GIF images.The users then can share the GIF files directly with contacts on WhatsApp. WhatsApp also launched its Video Calling feature recently that is proving to be popular among millions of its users.

WhatsApp also launched its Video Calling feature recently that is proving to be popular among millions of its users.

Status Feature:

WhatsApp claims that this feature will notify other contacts in the list when the person changes the WhatsApp Status. They are working to get another section for Statuses.

They are also working on the function to delete the status within 24 hours.

With the day to day enhancement in Technology, WhatsApp Messenger is surely proving to be a very useful Mobile Application for millions of its users.

Checklists for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Activities


Search engine optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which mainly focuses on the growing visibility of a website in search engine result pages (SERP).There are many SEO Strategies which are necessary to drive traffic which in turn will increase the ranking of the website.Some of the strategies are as follows:

1.Directory Submission:

Directories are a kind of website which is used to store businesses and all the necessary information about the website or business. Like a telephone directory, one can find any business and information about business. In these directories, businesses are basically listed in relevant categories. There are two types of directories:

A.Instant directories

B.Authority websites (Approval based directory).

2.Blog Submission:

Blogs today are one of the most important ways to generate traffic for websites.It is slowly gaining a huge popularity and thus has become an important activity for website owners

Blogs also boost a website page rank and backlinks. Suppose some website owner have many blog posts and do not have enough readers to read the blog page, this is where blog submission comes into the picture. Blog Submission will list the blog to various blog directories which in return will provide direct traffic as well as keyword ranking in multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

3.Article Submission:

In Article Submission, one can take informational articles and publish them to article directories.It means submitting the article to some article directories that will help increase traffic to the website at a great speed.

4.Social Bookmarking:

Posting links to social websites that contain interesting content and valuable information for others to see are called Social Bookmarking.The main idea behind social bookmarking is to post links to popular social bookmarking websites to increase your own website traffic and increase its rank in SERPs.

5.Search Engine Submission:

Search engine submission refers to the direct submission of a website to a search engine. It helps to increase the rankings of the website.It requires submission of the home page or the entire website to all the search engines.

6.Forum Posting:

In Forum Posting, one has to register on various Forum Websites.Once the registrations are done and it is used in the proper manner, it can bring needed traffic to a website.Once registered on any Forum Website, the members can submit any topic for discussion. They can communicate with other members registered on the topic submitted. A forum is a very great way to generate traffic to your website resulting in the promotion of the company or business.

7.Link Exchange:

In a link exchange, websites are registered with a central organization which has the exchange functionality, and in turn receive from the that exchange the HTML code which they insert into their web pages. Using Link Exchange, one can exchange links with other websites. One can place another site’s link on their site on a links page, and in return, the other site can place a link on their site.


Cross-linking is nothing but linking between two sites. It allows users to reference sites with content similar to that which they are already viewing and may be of further interest to them.

Cross-linking is one of the very important factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimization(SEO).Link or popularity of a Link is one of the main factors involved in how search engines determine the value, importance, and relevance of sites on a given topic. This is then reflected in the site’s search ranking.

9.Photo Sharing:

Uploading images online through various photo sharing sites is called Photo Sharing so that other users may view your images. Image sharing is a technique of Off page SEO by which one can promote their brands or website to different image sharing websites.This helps in getting higher ranks in search engines.

10.Video Promotions:

Video promotion and submission has now become an important part of marketing. It is important to make a website look attractive and videos are visually more eye-catching than any static content on the website. One more reason for including a video in a website is that most of the search engines always target videos as priority tags.

Videos being more faster than static content can catch browsers’ attention more easily. For videos to become successful it is necessary that they are properly submitted and promoted.

Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a Website or a Web Page.The Website which is higher in terms of rank will always appear at the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Search Engine Optimization is basically categorized into 2 types viz, Black Hat & White Hat.

1.Black Hat Search Engine Optimization: 

Black Hat SEO usually refers to the techniques and tactics that focus mainly on search engines but at the same time disobey search engine rules. Black Hat SEO usually aims to get higher search rankings but in unethical ways.

Black hat SEO is mostly used by those people who want a quick return on their website financially.The result of using Black Hat SEO is permanent banning or blocking of the website by Google and other Search Engines.

There are many techniques in Black Hat SEO. Some of them are as follows:

A.Hidden Text: Hidden Text is nothing but the content or the text which is always readable by the search engines but not by the target audience.

B.Link Farm:  Group of websites that hyperlink to all the other websites.Most of the link farms are created by automated services.

C.Blog Spam: Blog spam is nothing but posting random comments or promoting commercial web services to blogs.

2. White Hat Search Engine Optimization: 

White Hat SEO usually refers to the techniques and tactics that focus mainly on human audience than search engines but at the same time obeys all the search engine rules.White Hat SEO is approved by all the search engines.People using White Hat SEO always get results that lasts for a long time.White Hat mainly focuses on readability and well-written content and it follows all the SEO guidelines.

Advantages of using White Hat SEO include Best User Experience,long term strategy,ethical results with no risk.  There are many techniques in White Hat SEO. Some of them are as follows:

A.Guest Blogging: The process of writing a blog for someone else is known as guest blogging.Its main motive is to increase the traffic of their website and improve their rankings.

B.Quality Content: The more relevant and valuable content on your website is, the more will be your website traffic as it will appear to the search engines as well as the audience.This will result in the increase of the website ranking.


Digital Marketing in 2017


2016 proved to be a very big and crucial year for digital Marketers.

With an increase in the use of Mobile services and Internet,digital marketing is slowly proving to be a huge replacement for traditional and other marketing techniques.
Millions of brands are slowly becoming a part of this huge transformation.

Some transformations that Digital Marketing may go through this year:

1.Growing Importance and emergence of Video Marketing

In India,like every year,adoption of Internet and smart phones have opened multiple gateways for digital marketers.
With proper engaging and informative content,video marketing can prove to be a huge success for digital marketers.
Multiple brands nowadays are focusing to communicate their services via a Video.
2017 will prove to be yet another astonishing year for Video Marketing.

2.More Technology

With Technology everywhere,the whole marketing industry is coming up with fresh and innovative ideas.Technology is evolving.Chat bots will be used everywhere that will involve less human interface and more astonishing client service.
These bots will be used as a great marketing idea.

3.Growing Social Media

Social media platforms nowadays are not just advertising platforms.Multiple brands have realized the importance of this platform by knowing its “Spreading” functionality.Brands think to reach every individual on this platform.They think every possible way so that their brand gets promoted and they think in such a way that keep the users visiting their website again and again.

Social platforms are growing and getting matured every single day.They have also proven to be platforms of feedback that can help in the brand growth.Answering issues and understanding the needs of clients should be a the real approach of brands using social media platforms.

4.Increasing use of ‘Google’

With google getting more popular and usable search engine day by day, experts have to be smart enough with SEO techniques.Techniques to bring quick results will be a big ‘No’ for the brands and even marketers will remain watchful towards their approach.Some meaningful and nice SEO activities with google adwords will play an important role in creating a good reputation and identity of a brand.

In short,2017 will emerge as a year of transformation.With engaging & informative content and fresh new ideas,digital marketing will get more evolved and it will prove to be a huge success for digital marketers.

Christmas Miracle by WestJet Airlines

20161212_c4594_photo_en_835911    fort-mcmurray-christmas

Recorded to be one of the costliest disasters in Canadian History,the Fort McMurray Disaster that took place on May 1,2016 affected the life of the many families and left everyone homeless.

A wild fire took place in the southwest region  of Fort McMurray,Canada on 1st of May this year.Within 2 days,the fire swept though the entire community and approximately 2,400 homes & buildings were gutted under fire.This forced the people to evacuate the area and is considered to be the largest wildfire evacuation.The fire was declared to be under control by 5th of July,2016 destroying approximately 5,90,000 hectares of land.

WestJet Airlines,known to touch millions and billions of Hearts by creating Christmas Videos every year,released their 5th annual video last week and this one is no different.This year,they decided to visit north to give Fort McMurray Victims some much needed love and support.

In  November end, WestJet organized  a special Christmas party for wildfire affected victims.It was called the ‘Snowflake Soiree’.They were provided with food and some good music to cheer them up so that they spend their Christmas without any sorrow and celebrate with full happiness.Those attended were also provided with a free airline ticket by WestJet Airlines.The music show was performed by music superstar Johnny Reid.More than 800 people turned up for the party.

To add more to the joy,the WestJeters dropped several Parachutes from the sky.Each parachute  had a gift tied to it. Everyone was totally amazed by the scene and all got hold of the parachute gifts that were dropping by.The gifts had a Christmas ornament for each family in attendance.They hugged,they sang and spent the night with all the joy.

With just another good deed, WestJeters again succeeded to bring smiles on the face of all the people that were victims of the sad tragic Wildfire Incident.

Check out the video of their good deed:

People on Social Media platform Twitter reacted to their video:




A Bike Taxi Service by Uber – UberMOTO


International taxi service giant UBER has announced that they will launch UberMoto, a bike taxi service in Hyderabad in the month of January next year.Hyderabad will be the third city in India to get this service after Gurugram and Bengaluru.They have announced the news in another way by using none other than the latest and trending #MannequinChallenge.

Uber’s CEO and co-founder, Travis Kalanick and Telangana’s IT Minister, K.T. Rama Rao also took part in the challenge.

The challenge goes by this.,basically everyone have to remain frozen and act like mannequins and a moving camera will shoot all the people posing as mannequins.To add more fun,any music can also be added to the background.The most used song is Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd.

Check out the video at

The bike taxi service will be a big affordable option for the city,with fares as low as Rs 20 for the first 3 Kms and Rs 5 per Km after that.Booking of UberMOTO will be just like booking an Uber Car.Those willing to take the service will receive the bike and driver details.In addition to that,they will also receive all standard safety features during and after the ride.It will include a 2 way feedback,GPS tracking and they will also be able to share trip details with friends and family.Also,for booking it,the riders will have to wear a helmet.

Uber is attempting to get its bike taxi service running for the second time and it will be a very convenient bike ride which will be available at the push of a button.





Mark Zuckerberg’s hand-crafted Artificial Intelligence Unit – Jarvis

_3b0584fe-c74b-11e6-ad67-c7f41c1c9a76     maxresdefault

We all know about Jarvis.,the Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant of Tony Stark in the Movie Iron Man.

American Computer Programmer and Chief Executive Offer (CEO) of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has taken his love for programming to the next level. Zuckerberg announced last year that he is planning to make an AI system to for running is home or to do some of the daily chores using Facebook Tools.

The Founder has finally designed an AI that he can use along with his family for controlling his house. He spent an entire year learning about Artificial Intelligence. At first, Mark figured out what exactly he wanted to do.

Most part of Zuckerberg’s Home is wired up with Crestron System.One can customize a Crestron system with security features such as cameras and smoke detectors. Crestron offers features that let you take control of your home’s scheduling, energy use and entertainment.With the help of Jarvis,Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan only needed a Facebook Messenger bot with the help of whom they were able to open the front gate for people,make a toast,turn lights on and off,shoot a T-shirt and even wake up their one year old daughter Max.

Mark needed that he should control his home from inside or even when he is out somewhere so he came up with an idea of using a Messenger and he started giving text commands to Jarvis as they were quite easy for Jarvis to understand. Different people refer to the same thing using different words. Mark realized this when he saw his wife referring to the room as Family Room while he was calling it a Living Room.

Further,Mark made Jarvis understand preferences, classification of songs and adapt to listening pattern.The next step included Voice recognition. It was not that much difficult to implement. Zuckerberg also made a custom app for iOS that would accept all the voice commands and always listen to him.The next important step was processing of the image and Face Recognition. If someone arrives at the door and presses the bell, the system will use Facebook’s Facial Recognition algorithms to find out who is the person standing at the door. Mark has installed multiple cameras around his Home and at the front door. Once the person’s face is recognized, he tells Jarvis to unlock the door.

When his wife Priscilla also joined, the AI Jarvis had to learn to differentiate between the two.For example,telling Jarvis to turn on the AC in the office could mean 2 things:Either Priscilla’s office or Mark’s office.

Wonder what is next on Mark’s Brilliant mind that gives him so many innovative ideas because who wouldn’t like a Personal Assistant like this?

You can watch Mark’s Marvellous Invention here:

  1.         2.


Agency vs Freelancer: Which should you choose?

xfreelance-work-ftr-jpg-pagespeed-ic-zc3q2q1yky    digital-marketing-agency

Nowadays,for the development of Mobile or Web Solutions,most businesses have one question in their minds: Whether to choose a Digital Agency or hire a Freelancer.

There is a huge difference between the two and selecting one of the two depend on various factors such as Time,Experience & Expertise and last but not the least The Money Factor.

The Time Factor:  

Working with a freelancer may be a kind of a risk because the freelancers work on your project when they are done with their real Jobs which mean your work always get a second priority.If the work is very basic, requiring minimum thinking, then a midnight programmer like this might be OK. In other case,if the freelancer does not have any other work except your project,a good outcome can be considered.The advantage with a freelancer considering time is that they can often be easily persuaded to work on weekends. This is good if the task is short.

However,an agency has the all the resources and the manpower to schedule and substitute its workforce with minimum risk to the project and its deadline as they work full time with only one thing to focus.When you work with an experienced agency, there is a project manager,programmers, design engineers,etc. The project manager has the main responsibility to make sure that the team stays on track & the delivery is on time. In a digital agency,in case of any emergency,the work can be substituted to another programmer. The client will not be bothered unless the project proceeds and is delivered on time.

Experience & Expertise: 

Experience matters a lot. When you hire a freelancer you hire his knowledge  but only his knowledge and the freelancer is dependent only on himself. Nowadays google gives all solutions to the toughest of problems but it can only carry you to a certain point. If the developer gets stuck somewhere then he will surely need coders who could validate his code and provide a solution to the problem.Suppose you want a mobile app for a site & the freelancer you hired can’t work on the mobile app. That will leave you with nothing but to look for a second freelancer who will work on the mobile app. You end up with a disjointed team, with the people who may not know how to talk to each other. This leads to miscommunication between all and the client’s project gets stuck in between,

In case of any agency,the people work in teams. The teams have a team leader who guides the team with the latest trends and technology and share the knowledge with everyone. Whenever one team member gets stuck somewhere, other members join and find out a solution together. Also,a freelancer can do may be 5-8 projects per year.Big Agencies however, work on approx 20-30 projects per month.With every new project,there is always something new to learn which leads to the development of our skill set.

The Money Factor:

Money Factor regarding the freelancer is quite simple as you just pay for the time of the freelancer at the rate that he evaluates himself.But sometimes,there is a problem. Most likely you agree with a freelancer on a per project payment. The first 80% of the work is done in almost a short span of time and then comes the never ending 20% of the work which the developer thinks he will finish any day now so he tries hard to finish faster, but he will be always in a rush.This results in some unexpected bugs and this results to delay.This keeps happening again and again because the freelancer is already in “lets get the money fast” mode and not in “lets finish this project as best as i can for my client” mode, so this becomes a cycle where with every spin he gets more and more and frustrated.

In case of any agency, the client will always get what he pays for.  The agencies offer better reliability and higher quality as well. Thus,agencies have a lot more overhead to be cleared when compared with freelancers.

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